Massage Therapy and Body Work
with Sydney Hughes

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About Sydney Hughes, CMT
 Initially intrigued by Eastern Medicine, Sydney has found Massage Therapy to bridge the gaps between the physical body and the mental and emotional well being. She aims to guide you through a healing transformation that resets your form to its natural state of health and wellness. Sydney studied massage at Monterey Peninsula College and continues her education through workshops, books, and collaboration. She is 100% dedicated to your well being and sees massage as the way to change the world.

Trained In:
-Swedish Massage
-Deep Tissue Massage
-Trigger Point Therapy
-Sports Massage
-Clinical Massage
-Cranial Sacral Therapy
-Event Massage

Specialize In:
Low Back / Hip / Gluteal Region Therapy

The lower back, hip, and gluteal region of the body is one of the most common areas for tension and pain to manifest. Being the connection point for the torso and lower appendages, this area has 23 muscle connections which stretch from the knee, up the thigh area and from the top of the head, down the entire spine. Releasing this area is pivotal in realigning the natural body structure. Using clinical body work techniques, stretching, trigger point therapy, and deep tissue massage, this application has had amazing results!